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28 April 2020 – Joshua 7:16-18

Early the next morning Joshua had Israel come forward by tribes, and Judah was chosen. The clans of Judah came forward, and the Zerahites were chosen. He had the clan of the Zerahites come forward by families, and Zimri was chosen. Joshua had his family come forward man by man, and Achan son of Karmi, the son of Zimri, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, was chosen. – Joshua 7:16-18

Verses like these are ones that we can easily breeze past in order to get to the more interesting and exciting parts of the story. Nevertheless, they contain a pointed truth that each of us needs to take to heart: “Be assured of this, your sins will find you out (Numbers 32:23).”

Adolph Harstad writes:

During the long ordeal of narrowing down the suspects, Achan never steps forward. The author does not reveal what is going on in his mind. Does Achan think that among the hundreds of thousands of Israelite fighting men, he will somehow blend in and avoid detection? Does he think that someone else might be condemned by mistake? Does he imagine he can escape the piercing eyes of Yahweh, who looks into the heart of a man (1 Sam 16:7) and sees every sin done in secret? …

Ever since Adam and Eve hid in the foliage of Eden, human beings have imagined that they can keep their sins hidden from God. But no cover-up avails before him.

I the LORD search the heart
And test the inner self,
To give to a man according to his way,
According to the fruit of his deeds. (Jer 17:10)

Whether God speaks through His Word of Law or through a prophet or pastor, He convicts every person of his sin: “You are the man!” (2 Sam 12:7). The only right action is for each of us to repent, confess our sin, and (to flee to Jesus for forgiveness).

MEMORY WORK – Shorter Catechism Q/A 38
Q. 38. What benefits do believers receive from Christ at the resurrection?
A. At the resurrection, believers, being raised up in glory, shall be openly acknowledged and acquitted in the day of judgment, and made perfectly blessed in the full enjoying of God to all eternity.